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"Do" or "Do Not!" - Yoda


Drew Dusterhoff is most widely known for his performances in the independent film "L'appel Du Vide" (2018) & "Combust" (2016). Recently, Drew had a guest star appearance on the new television series from Pasadena Media Studios "Home Time" (2017). In addition to his acting career, he earned his directorial, screen writing, and producer credit in "The Educator" (2017).

Drew was born August 7th, 1990 in Fayetteville, NC. He grew up in a military family spending a majority of his younger years in North Carolina, & the Midwest. His family loved to watch movies for entertainment. It was this favorite past-time that got him thinking about a career in Hollywood. He began acting when he was in grade school, starting with theater, and making short skits on his home video system. It was a combination of these discoveries that made him understand that this was something he was exceptional at. His parents, however, wanted him to have an upbringing like most children as opposed to the life of a child actor. They wanted him to finish school, and pursue a career in Hollywood when the time was right. For sometime, his family lived in Germany on a three year tour. During this time, he got to travel all over Europe with a particular liking to Italy. Potentially due to his Italian heritage. In addition, he has traveled all over the world to numerous countries living a blessed life in a military family. Combined with living overseas, and experiencing world cultures, he became well versed for a career in entertainment!

Some time later & following graduation from nursing school, Drew shifted his focus to pursue a professional career in acting. In the time since, he has secured a guest star role in the new television series "Home Time", produced, directed, and starred in his own SAG New Media film, and has secured principal roles in the independent film scene. Drew is based in Los Angeles, where he continues to utilize his natural leadership skills to gain career momentum & brand his presence in film & television. 


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mid 20's 

any ethnicity


Intelligent, strong, charming, and a lot of common sense. For being fairly young, he has a lot of wisdom. He is naturally laid-back, but can go from chill to intimidating in a millisecond. He is a great judge of character and highly intuitive. He didn't have the easiest of an upbringing, but he see's the good in every situation. Even though his risk taking, confident mentality puts him at an advantage, it can also get him into trouble with authority. Despite his tendency to be defiant, he has a heart of gold. His natural charm and charisma make him quite the romantic, which always lands him the girl.


early - mid 20's

ethnic ambiguous 


Handsome, logical, geeky. He has a powerful and commanding presence, which can come off as cocky. But instead, he is very confident. He has a passion for science, math, and the unknown. He is very vocal and independent on his viewpoints. He definitely has his quirks and peculiarities, which explains his tendency to get irritated easily by innocuous occurrences. Despite leveraging his looks to advance his agenda, he truly cares about the people in his life and treats everyone with compassion, love, dignity, and respect.




early 20's

mixed ethnicity, hispanic, ethnic ambiguous


Attractive, sharp, and sly. His eyes captivate many hearts. Fit and athletic, guys envy him and ladies desire him. Raised around the world, his versatility allows him to adapt to new environments with ease. With his easy-going, ambivert personality, he gets along with everyone. He's not shy and will always have your back, until you stab his. He is comfortable in his own skin and doesn't intend to please everyone. Underneath all the looks and charm, lies a loyal, genuine spirit who has fought through some tough times to get to where he is today.

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5' 8"

155 lbs

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